Founded by interior designer Amelia Pearson, the studio has established itself as one of the most respected interior design firms in Hertfordshire and the surrounding area.

Amelia's approach to design is driven by her passion for the evolving history of taste, her unfailing eye for detail and her meticulous sense of order throughout the process of fulfilling the creative vision.

Having trained at Kingston University and the London College of Fashion she pursued a successful and varied career in the world of Fashion. Her drive to expand her horizons and experience led her to relocate to Hong Kong where the frenetic pace of production demanded the clear vision and decisiveness that she brings to all her clients' briefs today. It also necessitated a great deal of travel to customers throughout Europe, the USA and Canada, and suppliers in China, Japan, Korea and India.

The inspiration to design in a less ephemeral world than fashion came from her travels. Staying in so many parts of the world sparked off a wealth of ideas but also reinforced her strongly held view that designed space must create places where people can 'feel at home' whilst being uplifted by all the world of design has to offer - all with balance, detail, finish and functionality, using the colour, shape and texture that suit the clients' property and taste. 

Please take a look at some examples of the projects that we have completed, and get in touch with us if you would like to find out how we could help with your project.